match day

so, i should explain why we are moving.
jeff is going to start residency next year and he is in the process of trying to get into a program. he finds out which program he gets into on match day.
match day is on march 18. it will tell us our home for the next three years.
match day is also when all fourth year med students find out where they are going to residency. they have interviewed, done rotations at wherever they want to work and probably traveled all over the country to find a place that they like and that likes them. then they rank their top choices (or all of their choices) in order of where they want to go, starting with their favorites. the residency programs also rank the students they want and the lists have to correspond between the students and the programs. (i have heard its kind of like a sorority match process). some programs take 2 or 3 people and some take 20 or 30. it depends on the program and on the specialty.
jeff wants to be a family dr. he decided this after working with a dr here that really made him feel at home. he really feels that family is the right fit for him. he actually wants to work in the country with a small town but i really cant live in a super small town for selfish reasons (and lack of creativity. i mean, i know the pioneer woman does it, but i am not that creative, smart or ambitious. i need museums, zoos, friends, pools, good crafts stores, etc.). family medicine is not always that competitive of a field and i have heard that sometimes people go into it for that reason. jeff is not. he wants to be a family doctor and i know he will be great at it. he wants to know the entire families of the patients he is working with, do some OB work, and be able to be a more of a community dr.
anyway, family residency programs are all different. he really loves the program in tyler, ft worth and dallas. he also interviewed a little in colorado but those programs were not his favorite. so tyler is his number one choice and we really hope we get to go there.
so on march 18 we will find out if they like us.
but part of us is a little bummed...
i am pretty sad to be moving. i am trying to think of this time as a chance to change and grow and see trees again (i mean, i kinda forgot what they look like since lubbock is so scarce). i am also getting tired of my house "look", so i am excited to redo my house decor and start fresh. i am excited to be closer to home (or be home, depending on where he gets in). i am also excited to not be in lubbock because i dont want to live here forever.
all that said, i will miss lubbock so much. i have had some of the absolute best times here. (and some that were pretty tough). when we first found out that we were coming here, i was a little nervous. i had gone to acu in abilene, and was born in abilene, so i knew west texas pretty well, but i had never lived this far west. or this far away from home.
the first year was pretty tough. i am really shy and i get super nervous around new people so i really didnt meet that many people until about 9 mo in. then, because God is really so faithful, we met some of the most amazing people, that i will forever consider family. and the rest of those first two years, before tech made them go to el paso and amarillo, we had a theme party every week (so much that people started requesting we do things without themes...i know, it was hard). we watched lost, buried a pig in the backyard for a luau, had concerts at our house, shot each other with bb guns, had dance parties, had study groups where i just annoyed them til they talked to me and just got through school together (like i went, i mean, i know i didnt actually do school, but you know, i watched jeff...). ashley was a med student wife with me, and she and i bonded so quickly- she really showed me that i can meet a new friend that hasnt known me for ten years or more, that will be my friend forever. and in the middle of all of that we found out that allison and bob were moving here and jeff and i were both ecstatic. and celeste moved back. loved it.
then i had the surprise of twins. i could not have done it without allison and celeste sitting with me, on so many long days of crying, nights without sleep, and never seeing jeff. i also could not have done it without lindsay and blair who came some weekends when jeff was on call. they will never know how much they got me through some of the toughest times i have ever had.
and now i have to leave. after i have made friends, gotten to the toddler stage, and learned how to survive med school. too bad its over. on to how-to-survive-residency. im sooo not ready for that.
and i will miss ella so much. i honestly can not write that without crying. i have known that blogs are grandparent (and friends') dreams because they show pictures of kids that they miss. and that is so true with linds. i check her blog constantly to see kinley. but i have never had to do that with ella. and of course, what will i do without allison??? she has been my rock and help more than she will ever know. oh, and bob. love bob. but ella. yall have all seen her. you know how precious she is. avery, sass and ben, also love them all so much. and i love it. ashley is having a baby, too, that i will only know for about a month. and celeste has a house that i wont be able to drive by and see the updates. and our new friends at church are so sweet. and it all just kills me.
i know that God is going to take care of us. that He is always faithful. and i know that He will lead and guide us during all of this.
i know that this has drawn out way past what yall need to know, but, what i mean to say is that i am so proud of jeff and all that he has worked so hard for, and i am excited for the next phase of our life....ill prob just be more excited about it in a year or two...
and i will let yall know what happens on march 18!!
wish us luck...


jojo said...

Kristen I hope it doesn't take a year or two for you to become excited about your new home! (Yes I read all the way to the end and I loved it.) It is hard to think about, it is the next step in your life to keep moving forward but I would like to keep you in Lubbock as bad as that is! (That is my selfish side coming through) I hear Ella can't stay out of your lap, she must know something is coming! The Booths have one more year in Lubbock and I know Allison will creatively make it through. I think Southwest might see a little more of her. We will have to get Allison and the family here many times to help you start that new life!!!! We love you and support you!!! This will be road trips for the moms to help out and you know how we love that!! I am so excited for what is coming but I have to focus on what is happening now and make the most of, I know you girls will make it so wonderful!!!!! We love you all so much!

Erynn said...

makes my heart hurt for you. change is so hard especially when leaving such great friends. i'm sure it's exciting too... i'll keep you guys in my prayers.

Elizabeth said...

I completely relate to all of the feelings in your post right now! With having Jude, deciding not to work, moving, new church and Jason starting a new job, life has thrown us into a whirlwind (not to mention leaving a house I adored to a house that I haven't had time to decorate). I didn't want to move or leave my friends (I'm like you, I tend to stick with the ones I have had for a long time and am quiet and cautious in new friendships) but God is moving in our lives even though it's been painful.

I know that you guys will be a blessing wherever you are placed and that you and your sweet family will find great friends wherever you go. We will pray for you guys in this transition.

On a side note, we're excited to see you guys in a couple of weeks as we drive through Lubbock to get to New Mexico. I haven't met the twins yet! :)

Allison said...

I wasn't ready for this post yet...I don't ever want to be ready for it. (tear) I am still pretending that you aren't moving.

Blair Wheeler said...

My heart is aching for you as I read this post because I too hate change, loathe it actually. And visiting Lubbock was fantastic and I just love Allison, Bob and Ella too. And Celeste! And Ashley! However, I also know that you will take your new home by storm and embrace the change and eventually, LOVE it. And of course, I will be there within a moments notice to drink Sonic, play with the kids, be nostalgic, and over-analyize every aspect of your past-and-present living situation. :) LOVE YOU.

jordan said...

ugh. I hate that you are leaving too, just as we get to know you and your sweet kids...BUT being a gypsy (I really am 1/4 gypsy...did you know that?) I am so excited for the change for you- All the new adventures, friends that you don't even know yet that will be life friends, and seeing your husband do something he really loves!

Lifethrualinds said...

Bing, I just LOVE this post. This is you...raw...uninhibited...you. I love you. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to leave the life you guys have created there. I know starting over again will be hard but, if anyone can do it and have 45 friends in less than 3 days it is YOU! We will all support you through it and then Allison next year. No matter where we are we will all get through it together. P.S.....coming closer to home is always a good thing :-)

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