open house

sorry for the lack of posting lately. with our house on the market, four ear infections between three kids in two weeks, and al getting so many 'tiny' things done, we are kinda MIA.
this weekend we are having an open house in hopes that our house sells fast (esp before july!). so we have been cleaning, like, i dont know, every five minutes and following our two dogs and three kids around with a vacuum and clorox wipe everywhere. we are not really that clean on a regular basis...i mean, i try to pick everything up and that sort of thing, but not really that good at dusting and actual cleaning. so this keeping our house clean in case anyone calls stuff is not the easiest. anyway, i thought i would show a few pics of the house; not super exciting, but pretty clean, which is kinda exciting.
the kitchen
the main room. and our curtains were being cleaned when we took this because my dog peed on them...gotta love a house full of excitement.
playroom. do you see those clothes on the chair? the first thing avery does is strip off her pedestrian clothes so she can put on her real clothes (i.e. her princess dresses).
aves' room.
twins room.
our room.
guest room/ brycie's room.
so there you have it. nothing exciting. hopefully it will sell fast...we are def praying for that.
if you know anyone who wants to move to lubbock, send them our way!!


jan said...

Looks fantastic!!! It will sell!!! We are praying!

Bec said...

So gorgeous! Hmmm I dont want to move there but I wouldn't mind if your house wanted to move here :P I love the heart shaped chairs aroun the table, adn the playroom! So pretty! It will sell easily!

Elizabeth said...

Everything looks beautiful!

Jill said...

I can't imagine why it wouldn't sell...FAST...it's adorable! Why are you guys moving when you have such a sweet home? Love your style!

jojo said...

The house looks great. I can't imagine Lubbock without you. We get to see you for one more party. Good luck on selling fast.

Elizabeth said...

looks beautiful, I would buy your house! I took pictures of our clutter in our house in the hopes that I could show before and after pictures on my blog, but well, I've yet to make the "after" happen, and I don't have kids or dogs, way to go!

arjun said...

i know it's just what's next. i know it's time. but these pics are too sad. i miss that home.

Amanda said...

New to your blog, cute! I love parties too and have had fun reading all your posts but I would LOVE to know where the white "puckered" Euro shams are from on your bed...? They are great!

kristen said...

amanda thanks so much for stopping by! my pillows are from anthropologie on sale and it was kinda a long time ago but i bet they still have them. mine have colored thread in between the buttons and i dont really like that. i wish that i had bought the all white ones. so make sure to look at those when you check them out!! i hope that helps!!

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