fun for your head felt edition

obviously, i have gotten excited about hair clips lately. (hard to say, but i think i am a phase person...) anyway, here are the first felt ones i have ever tried. i am not an expert at them by any means, and have a long way to go with felt. i love embroidery thread, but i think it can be too much sometimes and i dont know when to use regular thread. and my colors are kinda off...and eyes are hard...and do kids really wear animals in their hair??? oh well. we'll see how much better i can get during this phase (because we know im pretty much done with clips after that. and if its hard to tell, they are two blue birds, an elephant, a carrot, and a goose. and then some random flowery ones).
and then munch got a hold of my camera and followed sass around like she was a paparazzi.
we are prob gonna need brittany for some lessons on focus...

1 comment:

jan said...

Those are so cute!! The clips AND the kids!!!!

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