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i recently found this blog and it is sooooo cute!! her parties are fantastic and she has clothes and accessories too. love it.
when i saw the hair clips (or rosettes as christy just told me!) i kinda got on a kick (like a tend to to do. i.e. the elastic waist skirt) and made maybe 20 of them. (is this a problem for everyone or just me??? maybe dont answer that. im crazy.)
and this is how i did it. it was super easy and i just kinda winged it.
pink clips
twisty flowers
if you know me at all then you are cracking up just seeing an iron on this 'tutorial'. i never iron. like ever. poor jeff. he is just better at it and i never really mastered it so i dont really do it in real life. i have now realized i have to iron seams and press outfits i am making so i do that more. and with this, even though you end up twisting it, it is easier to work with ironed with both of the bright sides of the fabric facing out. (then you dont have the underside creeping through your flower). once you iron it, if you so choose, take one end and start wrapping it into a circle while twisting the fabric around. (sorry, this is the light pink part...i kinda mixed two together). i glued some of it as i went and then i glued it to a circle of felt so it would stay together.
more flower clips
then i just kept making them...
modeling flower clips
and i put some on headbands and some on clips. i ended up making some felt clips too.
(and i made everyone model)
and then i covered some clips with ribbon and that really opened me up to a whole new world. i tried tulle flowers and crazy stuff like that...love hair clips
they are really just so easy. we took them to play group the next day and passed them out. thanks everyone for taking some!! im gonna try the crochet bows and some felt clips next...
hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I heart rosettes! You should sell on Etsy. =)

AnnaP said...

I love love love love this!!!!! I want one!!!! or 5 haha

Unknown said...

You need an Etsy shop. You are so creative! I would buy these! I love them!

Unknown said...

And I promise I did not read the first comment on this post about selling on Etsy before I commented...which means you REALLY should sell on Etsy!!!

Dani and Greg said...


Misty Tharp said...

I want to buy some!! seriously!!!

Morgan Bender said...

ahhh! me too! Who are you?? I love you and rosettes.I agree with everyone sell these suckers, I'll buy this, pair it with your elastic waist skirt... so cute

Lifethrualinds said...

So cute...and that picture of Sassy in the bottom right corner is adorable!

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