rock hunting and a new skirt

it has been so nice outside lately, so we have been taking advantage of it. we have been on quite a few rock hunts. i dont know if you guys are familiar with those, but its basically going to find rocks and then when your kids find some, they bring them to you and say "wow!" over and over. its super fun. and, obviously, very complicated.
ben rock hunting
rock hunting
and i am trying to figure out how to do the necklines on dresses. but its really not working out. so this skirt started out as a dress and then made its way into an elastic waist skirt (we all know how much i love those)
of course i didnt take any pics of sass in it, and this pic is after a long day of wearing it, so its pretty wrinkled. but she was hilarious in it. her booty is so big that it was shorter in the back and her tummy is so round that it folded the flower down in the front! sooo cute!!


Blair Wheeler said...

I love this post--- I can totally picture you guys on your rock hunts and look at the cute pic of Sassy on a mission while searching for her rock treasures! Hilarious. Love the flower skirt too and Sassy's adorable "s" shape. Miss the kiddos!

Amanda said...

this is darling - love the linnen!

jan said...

One of my fav things to do with Aves is to rock hunt! It is so fun to "plant" a really cool polished one and let her find it! Love those babies!! And that is an adorable skirt!

emily sparks said...

very cute skirt! also, your kids are adorable:)!

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