santa's littlest elves

today was hilarious! we took the babies to see santa and we could not stop laughing the whole time. ella loves santa and has been like 3 times. she says "ho ho ho" all throughout the mall and is just giddy that she gets to see him again. my kids dont really know what to expect so they just get excited with ella. when we get to santa ella walks right up to him and gets on his lap. kinda smiles; is a little nervous but loves being on his lap. ben follows and sits on his lap but really has his "what is going on?!" face the whole time. we took their pic and tried to get ben to smile but no matter what we did he kept his signature look on his face the whole time.
then we tried to put to put sassy up with santa too and she was so scared!! she cried so hard!! we were so sad for her but it was just so funny to watch her!! she is so sweet and we def only made her sit for one pic. poor sass. if she only knew how great santa is and how much more fun he is going to make her life on dec 25!
while we waited for santa's line to get shorter, the babies played on the cars at the mall and loved it. i never actually pay money for the little rides because they are satisfied to just be in them but al is the fun one and def payed the money for them to fly and they were soooo excited!!! ben just loved it!!
then, ella took advantage of the alone time and started putting the moves on ben in the helicopter...
"what is about to happen??!!"
"YEA! alright!!"
best friends!
sass hammed it up from the sidelines (not knowing what trauma she was about to have to go through...)
overall it was so much fun and just hilarious. loved their first santa experience!!!


jan said...

That is so funny Kristen!!! Ben and Ella sittin' in a tree....or is that a car?!! They are adorable! And so is Sass!! Looks like another fun day in Lubbock!

Lindsey said...

Where do you guys get those shoes for your little ones? They are too cute! I have been looking for some for Sofia, but can't find them anywhere!

jordan said...

...I LOVE the one with sass on santa's lap- that one is to keep- for sure!

Blair Wheeler said...

Poor Sass! I have pictures sitting on Santa's lap at that age hysterical as well. She will look back and laugh at them one day. Love my precious kiddos :)

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