hunting and screenprinting

tough men.
so, jeff went hunting this weekend with some of his best friends, his dad and some of their dads at our friend landon's parent's house in lazbuddie, tx. they went pheasant hunting and apparently got a few of them because our freezer is full of meat! they had so much fun and jeff just loves hunting more than us probably, and getting to do it with his friends is like a dream.
anyway, all of this to say that though my husband is rugged and manly, he can also screen print!! (which is manly too, just not in a kill something kind of way)
in avery required head gear, he cut out this awesome pheasant stencil and screen printed it on shirts for everyone as a surprise!! they were so fantastic!
(his attention to detail far out weighs any that i have and i just love him for it. he always does things the right way, like al and linds, and i just throw things together and hope they work out!)
arent they great!! and he added "parham hunt" at the bottom too, its just not pictured.
we are also working on some things for christmas so we will let you know...


jan said...

You are both so awesome!!! You are the perfect pair!! Dad had such a great time and he loves the shirt!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Ben's favorte weekend ever! Love the shirts!

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