So as Kristen mentioned in earlier post, Ella loves Santa. "Ho, ho, ho" has become an everyday word for her and if you ask her if she wants to go see Santa, she gets giddy with excitement! She has been to see him multiple times and has even become a regular, he remembered her the last visit we took! Ella loves seeing pictures and displays of Santa, but when her moment comes to meet him face to face she becomes star struck! It cracks me up! She just sits there frozen in awe of Santa. Pretty sure Ella is on the good list this year.
Hope everyone has a holly jolly weekend!


Blair Wheeler said...

Looking good in turtle necks, guys!!! :)
Ella's sweet face is priceless in the Santa pics. Love it.

jordan said...

oh-no! that picture of bob cracks me up!

jojo said...

What a fun year this is for Ella at Christmas time. I cant't wait to see her excitment Christmas morning. The matching yellow turtle necks are priceless. Love you

Unknown said...

Hahaha! I laughed out loud when it came to the Cow Santa picture! Hilarious!

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