bye bye brycie

i am sitting here trying to put into words what it has been like to have brycie live with us this past semester and how much we are going to miss her, but i really dont think that is possible.
i will miss our daily talks about boys, friends and kids over the fiesta dip that is sure to cure cancer; our late night talks on the kitchen counter or in her bed about life and the future; playing with the kids and both having to tell them no and no one listening to us, knitting and crocheting (because i make her learn everything that i learn immediately); cooking stuff always at the last minute and having to do it super fast and run out the door, baking pudding desserts, doing each others hair (mostly my hair, but still); talking to her friends about their lives, watching thurs night tv and biggest loser, monday night family night, playing scrabble, finding and trading music, eating all the time...but mostly i am just going to miss her.
i cant even begin to explain what it means to have someone so kind, generous, beautiful, thoughtful and such a good listener living with us. she is soooo amazing with my kids. they adore her. she is patient beyond any patience that i have, loving always, tells them when they are wrong, helps them to do better and always so ready to see them, even if it is their loud shrieks that have woken her up when she went to bed at 4. she is so easy going, so laid back, but so understanding if i am all strung out on some stupid drama, and she will listen and empathize even if she is maybe thinking i am crazy and way over analyzing. she is just the most beautiful person inside and out and i will miss seeing her wake up in my house every morning, look at us with that crazy hair and then smile and laugh at the same time, like she does every morning.
love you brycie.
i will always cherish the opportunity i had to get to know you better and see the Lord working and doing amazing things in your life.


Brittany Strebeck said...

well geez!! that got me all misty-eyed. i'll miss seeing your joyful face around these parts, brycie!

hernandezjr said...

wow.....i dont even know Brycie but I feel like i do. What a sweetheart!!! pls tell her good luck for me.

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