stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

so the advent calendar should have said "make ben a stocking" because he has not had one his entire life! im a terrible mom.
my mother in law got me this gorgeous painting for my bday off of etsy and jeff put it up on the mantle while we were cleaning and i really liked it with all the fun stocking colors. so its staying as part of our christmas decor. i just love it and want to put it somewhere where its always very prominent and everyone can see it. thanks so much jan.
until now.
nothing fancy and i really want to put something with his initials on it but havent gotten around to that yet. at least we have enough stockings up for everyone and the twins dont have to share!!
and i finally wrapped some presents so our little tree has something under it! i just love it.
hurry up santa, we are ready!

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