advent calendar update

so, i realized that you don't know anything about the advent calendar...
and i am shocked.
so i thought i would show you what we have been up to.
avery is very into headbands across the forehead (which i really love) and so we had to all match and then get on with our business of making a gingerbread house. turned out ok. not the best house ever. maybe wouldnt live in it. kinda small. but fun doing it.
and aves was so glad brycie helped. she was so excited.
we also made a snow man out of cotton balls and got an angel from the angel tree at the mall. we gotta go buy presents for her but i dont know how aves is gonna do with buying presents that arent for her. i mean, she likes to share (sometimes, if its her idea...) but this is buying new toys that she will never see... ill let you know.
maybe ill just get them by myself.
and i never told yall about what jeff got me for my bday. it was fantastic. every cd garth brooks ever made. amazing. amazing.
those of you who dont care about garth brooks can just sign off now because he is like my fav entertainer ever. and guess what??!! he is coming back!! going to vegas!! (i know!) and doing 15 weeks of shows next year. amazing. truly. hopefully i will be in one of those seats on one of those weekends but for now im just super excited about my new cds.
and he wrote me a card with all of the cd titles written in the card. hilarious. love that guy.
thats pretty much all we got going on right now. lots of fun stuff going on behind the scenes for christmas. making a lot of stuff that hopefully will end up looking better than a lot of my projects. you just really never know.
hope everyone is having a great week.

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Camila said...

OK so I have to tell you Sean and I are FULLY planning to go see Garth Brooks in Vegas. We were so excited when we saw the announcement! I'm trying to talk my little sis into coming with us so she can babysit Winlon while we go to the concert but so far she is holding out trying to negotiate a ticket to the concert for herself! (Oh yes the blog lurker just commented!!)

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