new pants

so i was perusing made last night (i just love her. she is amazing) and i came across this tutorial to make little boy pants and decided to give it a go. turned out ok...def a little low waisted (maybe i should have given myself more slack up top) and a little long...and maybe the knee pads are more like shin pads but i tried...
he was def more interested in everything else going on around him than modeling, but he liked them. he also really liked that he can pull elastic waist pants right off in like 5 seconds. so we will see how much wear we get out of them but it was a fun first try. she also has some with knee pockets that are soooo cute. maybe ill try those next.

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Elizabeth said...

It's so hard to find good little boy clothes patterns. Thanks for passing this one on! I'll probably be making it soon.

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