my close knit friends

Sooooo, last night was the best night ever!! i have the best friends in the whole world!! starting off yesterday, all i know i think that allison is coming over and blair comes in with her!! i was so excited and thought that was the biggest surprise but that was just the tip of the iceberg! allison told me that she would pick me up at 430 that afternoon for more surprises and when she comes over, in walks lindsay too!! i was beyond thrilled and just so excited! i noticed pretty fast that al and linds were wearing the cutest shirts i had ever seen and they gave me my invitation to my party for the rest of the night (that al had knit herself)...
"happy birthday to you! now lets celebrate with something you love to do. its not tae bo or making desserts and its even better than tye dying shirts! so just hang loose til we get to 50th st caboose, when we get there youre gonna have a fit cause we are all gonna learn how to knit!!"
i was beyond excited!! i really want to learn to knit the right way and use a pattern and they are just soooo thoughtful and knew all that!! they are just the best friends. so, we went to 50 st caboose, in our own room in the back, and we drank and knitted for an hour! jan, our teacher was so cute and so sweet and hopefully there are many more lessons in my future!!!
they decorated the room with cute decorations (and they banner from allison's party)
they bought everyone yarn and needles that were all bright and fun colors
they dyed these shirts over thanksgiving, drew out the designs and wrote the quote on the back all by themselves!!! it is just perfect!!!
when we got to the 50th st caboose all my friends were there in the fantastic shirts!!
jan had to give blair some one on one...she really never completely got it...
then we went to celestes for gorgeous cupcakes and candy. so fantastic.
we went out to mesquites afterwards and met up with some of brycies friends. so perfect. we ended the night at raising cane's and ate tons of fried chicken. best night ever. love my sweet close knit friends and feel so blessed beyond belief to have such amazing, thoughtful people in my life who are willing to do so much for me. thank you for flying in, buying, creating, planning, baking, and everything else that went into the perfect and night and thank you for the best 28 bday ever. love you all so much.


Brittany Strebeck said...

ahhh!! it's just so perfect! you ladies and your party planning skills... it's something to envy, you know!

jojo said...

Kristen I am so glad you had a great birthday. What fun you had. There is nothing sweeter than good friends celebrating you. Love you JoJo

Danica said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I can't think of a more fun party - getting to sit and knit! Amazing job, ladies!

Lindsey said...

You guys are amazing! I wish I could move to Lubbock and hang out with you all of the time.

lins said...

who thought of this. i can't stand how cute you guys are. its painful! can you mail some creativity to austin? because i'm pretty sure all my christmas gifts are going to be homemade.... heather will be thrilled.

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