princess ella

Ella went to a friends birthday party today and had so much fun. It was a superhero and princess party so Ella went dressed as a princess. She looked precious!
This pretty princess likes to keep it real, she went straight to a pot of dirt to play in.
who me?
I love this picture. It's kind of blurry cause Ella was jumping with joy but I love her face and clinched fists. A pinata had just been hung and Ella was very excited about it.


Blair Wheeler said...

I love Princess Ella!

jordan said...

...you forgot to mention how she was instigating the screaming in that picture too! adorable.

The Whitecotton's World said...

I hope that princess got a really good nap after we left and before her party.

shelbi said...

I LOVE that last picture too!!! SO CUTE!

jessica jeffrey said...

cutest little fists, cutest little princess!

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