screen printing 101

We are always looking for new crafty projects to do so when we found a place in Lubbock that offered a screen printing class, it soon became our latest obsession. So last night at the Garden & Arts Center, Kristen and I learned the steps for screen printing on fabric. Our fabric of choice was of course a good ole' walmart v-neck t-shirts and you know we made matching ones for the whole fam. The first step was deciding what we wanted to screen print on the shirt. Once we knew what we wanted a snowman and flower we had to cut them into stencils on freezer paper. We free handed the snowman and traced a flower image from the computer. We didn't get any pics of the stencils but here are some pics of everything else. Hope you enjoy.
We used royal blue and teal "Rit" dye to color the shirts.
Getting the shirt ready to go under the screen
Pouring the paint
Charging the screen
Printing the stencil on the shirt
Our snowman shirts
Our flower shirt
After the shirts dry you heat press them before washing.
Then we added some buttons for the finishing touch
Picnik collage
Ta-Da! All the kids modeling their new shirt
This was just so much fun and we ordered our own screen the second we got home last night! So this is only the beginning of many more homemade screen printed shirts to come!


Brittany Strebeck said...

are you kidding?! these shirts look amazing! i love love love the little snowman. way to go, you crafty women!

Bobby B. said...

They are so cute!!! Great job girls!! I took one of those classes in college and we did our own yardage of fabric. I remember it being so much fun!!

Blair Wheeler said...

The buttons you sewed on the snowmen are such a creative touch. Again, I am blown away by your artistic ways. And I love the BFF pictures of Aves and Ella - too sweet.

misty said...

those are FAB!!! Will you post a tutorial on the step by step process for this? I would love that! You've inspired to to attempt to tie dye some t-shirts and leg warmers... that's a project for this weekend... i would love to learn how to screen print

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