happy thursday

Let me start by saying thank you to all the wonderful comments from the last post about my accident.  That day always brings back lots of emotions and having so many people there with me makes getting through that day so much easier. Thank you for sharing your stories and encouraging words with me, it means so much.  That post also brought in double digit comments which just thrills Kristen and I! We are the dorky bloggers that get excited when we have a comment. We love sharing a little bit of our lubbock lives with everyone through this blog, thank you for being a part of it. 
On a lighter note, chick-fil-a has had free breakfast all week! After Kristen dropped Aves off at school today we took all the little ones to get some free chicken minis. Nothing too exciting but here are some pics from breakfast this morning.


Nina Baiocco said...

I love you girls! I just wanted you to know I really do read your blog and love it, it makes my day while I am bored at work :) I want to come to Lubbock and eat Chick Fil-A and wear matching shirts!!! And Allison, you are so brave to share your story - obviously I remember what happened but I had never seen those pictures. We are all so blessed to have each other and to have YOU. Ella and Bob are really lucky to have you :)

See you girls soon I can't wait for the holiday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lins said...

a. allison, i'm glad your alive too! (sorry i missed the post on the actual day) but you are 100% amazing in every form of the word.
b. chick-fil-a free breakfast photos are making me hungry.
c. i want to come hang out with both of you ladies in lubbock!! (can we arrange that maybe?)
d. in addition to the previous letter, i would like to come on a matching monday so i can also match. (is that legal?)
e. love you all!!!

hernandezjr said...

hmmmmm.....chicken nuggets. i havent had chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a in over a year and that is just a travesty. You guys have the cutest little babies i've ever seen. I swear i'm coming to visit Lubbock in 2010 so just be ready.

Misty said...

you have a play place at your chick-fil-a?!?! not fair! lol we love chick-fil-a and have to drive 35 min just to get it, and we do not get a play place. =(
actually, i am a dork and a few weeks ago after church we wanted to grab lunch. I said~ chick-fil-a and we drove there & its closed. its sunday. i knew they were closed on sunday. i just didn't put two and two together... so we had texas road house~ another fav of mine =) do you guys have a crust croissant? Masyn LOVES their veggie sandwich.

Misty said...

ps~ if your friend ever decides to make and sell those adorable turkey t-shirts let me know! Masyn loves turkeys.

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