cheat death day

November 10th is a day we like to call "cheat death day" in the Booth household. 6 years ago today, our lives took an unexpected turn.
At 6:30 pm on November 10, 2003 I headed to my night class I had every Monday. A car stopped to allow me to cross the street so I could get to my class building. As I was in the process of walking across the street a truck came up behind the car stopped for me. It had just gotten dark and not knowing or seeing why the car had stopped, the truck swerved around to pass. As the truck passed the car there I was right in the middle of the street. I was knocked to the ground and run over by the truck. I was taken to Hendrick Hospital in Abilene. I will go from head to toe to explain my injuries. Fractured skull, broken nose, front tooth was knocked out, collapsed lung, fractured left hand, fractured pelvis in 6 different places, fractured right knee cap, and fractured ankle. It was a miracle I am even here today telling this story and that I had no brain injuries or internal bleeding. After a few days at Hendrick they care-flighted me to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. They immediately took me into surgery and placed three screws in my pelvis. A couple days later is the start of when I can remember things for myself. I was then moved to Zale Lipshy Hospital which is where I lived for the next month. All of a sudden I had gone from living in Abilene where I was playing and running around with my roommates to living in a hospital bed with no movement. This all happened six weeks before our wedding so I should have been walking down the aisle and going on my honeymoon but instead I had a cast on one leg, brace on the other, and pins and brace on my left hand. Basically there was something wrong/broken everywhere but my right arm. Once I got stronger with that arm I began learning how to slide myself from bed to wheelchair. I was not allowed to touch my feet to the floor for 4 months as my pelvis continued to heal. The hospital bed came home with me to my parents house in Colleyville where I stayed to recover. Over the months I spent my days going to lots of physical therapy and learning to walk again.
This whole thing was such a freak accident with two people in the wrong place at the wrong time. It took a long time for me to piece myself back together on the inside and out but I did get married to the most wonderful man and I did finish school. I have some nerve damage and chronic pain that I have learned to live with happily and I am so blessed to be where I am now.
We all know how much I love a good board game! Kristen and Jeff brought this "Fact or Crap" game to the hospital for us all to play. Funny thing is that I don't remember this at all! This was during the first week in the hospital and I was on so many meds that I have no memory of it.
I got my hair fixed by my mom everyday again.
Once I could slide myself from the bed to the wheel chair all by myself I was ready to finish my recovery from home. Sounds much easier than it was.
I was in the hospital over the holidays so this was our family Christmas card that year.
I do have a pretty cool x-ray!


Misty said...

this brought tears to my eyes!!! I couldn't even read it to my husband without getting choked up! I am so glad you're ok! On July 3,2005, I was driving to work and a lady ran a red light and hit me, sending me straight into traffic head on. By the grace of God, I was ok. I had a fractured pelvis, broken tailbone, glass in my eyes, & some bruises~ I thought that was bad until I read this. You definitely have a CHEAT DEATH DAY. How long did you have to postpone your wedding? I loved the photo of you holding the sign up that says CRAP =)

jojo said...

Sweet Allison, We celebrate you today! We have watched you be so strong during the last six years as you have dealt with the injuries from the accident. You teach us so much through your sweet spirit. That day taught us so much...more than anything that we need God's wisdom, power, peace and grace to get through everything that we do. Thank you for being the best daughter parents could hope for, the sweetiest sister to Anna, the most amazing wife to Bob, and by far the most fun and loving mommy to precious Ella. We love you so much and thank God everyday for your life. JoJo and B Pa (Mom and Dad)

hernandezjr said...

i cant even believe that was 6 years ago! you are such a sweetheart Allison and I love how strong of a woman you have become. Such a blessing to everyone that you come in contact with. Hope all is well....give Bob and ur sweet sweet baby my best!

Lifethrualinds said...

My sweet friend. I can't even think about that day without tears coming to my eyes. I praise God everyday for keeping my friend safe. I love you so much and am thrilled to celebrate a lifetime full of memories ahead.

Erynn said...

I'm pretty sure I won't ever forget that day. Thank the Lord you are here to tell the story and to be "life" to so many people.

Unknown said...

I am so glad you are ok and my goodness you have such a great attitude about the whole thing! You had me in tears by the first picture! Which, of course, when I saw the "crap" sign I laughed out loud. Had I not known the story already I would have never known your body had been through so much surgery, restructure and healing. You are gorgeous and so happy all the time! Such a great example for Ella. Love you!

Unknown said...

oh and p.s. that is the cutest Christmas card picture EVER!

Anonymous said...

Allison, because you are so precious inside and out, you make this horrible trauma look bearable. You not only overcame it, you did it with such grace. Your beautiful smile never changed (give or take a tooth!) and neither did your sweet, sweet heart. We super admire you and thank God for every precious moment He has given us all with you. (And your groovy husband, mom, dad and sister did an awesome job in the supporting role!) We love you, love you, the Halberts

Honey said...

Allison, with every year that passes your heart and soul continue to grow even more beautiful (not to mention your outer beauty!!!) God turned your tragedy to triumph and you live your life that way everyday and are such an inspiration to us all! You are such a blessing and I love you!

Blair Wheeler said...

Celebrating your unbelievable recovery, Allison. God Bless You and your darling family! Love yall.

Anonymous said...


I still remember the day we prayed for you in my sophomore bible class at ACU. I remember thinking how terrible it was and what a miracle that someone could survive such a terrible accident. Who knew I would be dancing with you at weddings, playing board games at the lake with you and copying almost every craft you and Kristen seem to do. You are SO fun and beautiful and I am so glad that I have I gotten to participate in so many fun experiences with you. I'm sure there will be many more to come. :)

Shannon H.

Alyson Booth said...

I wasn't even ready for that post!!! I think I needed a warning, as I am sitting here with tears in eyes! I will never forget watching that helicopter take you to Dallas, not knowing what all was in store for you! It is amazing how you overcame such an awful event with grace and integrity! You are an example to me! and You are the only one I know of that could make that hospital bed look so beautiful!!!! I love you so much sweet sister-in-law!!!!

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