lake fun and birthday bashes

super fun weekend!! while al was partying with her fam jeff and i drove to my parents lake house to play. friday night i went out with blair and her friends and partied the night away!! it was so much fun!! tons of high school friends were there and her friends and cute boyfriend are so sweet. we basically just hung out and talked but it was soooo much fun!! (i am such a small town girl livin it up in the big city!)
i am so small town i even wore denim on denim...i know its a fashion faux pas...oh well. hello dallas, welcome to some west texas farm fashion.
gorgeous couple!!
chhs forever!!
blair's sweet ut friends
love you blair!! thanks for letting me play with you this weekend. miss you guys already.
then this adorably cute and fun family met us at the lake and it was SO FUN!! i dont have any pics because my camera was not handy but kinley was so gorgeous and sweet and so advanced!! she can stand up by herself! it was so much fun to watch her and get to know her better and better. linds and ben were so easy and fun, like always. it was just a perfect weekend. so sad to leave!


Melanie said...

It was so fun having you here to celebrate Blair's birthday! Loved the night out and slumber party - come visit again very soon!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Loved hanging out at the lake! We were so lazy and relaxed neither of us took 1 picture! My mom was also shocked. But, we had so much fun playing with all the babies! Miss you already!

Blair Wheeler said...

Thanks for the cute post! I can't tell you how much it meant to me and how much fun it was having you drive all the way to Dallas to celebrate my birthday and then stay up all night talking at the sleepover like old times. You were such a hit --- everyone loved the West Texas Flare :)

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