my surprise roy.g.biv birthday party!!!

Because of my wonderful friends, I will never forget my 28th birthday. They threw me a surprise party and I have never been so shocked and out of the loop in my life! I had absolutely no idea and was so surprised!
It all started with a scavenger hunt all around lubbock. Each clue came with a colored balloon that in the end made up each color of the rainbow...ROY.G.BIV (later in the post you will understand why they choose this theme for me.) My last clue came with a tie dyed shirt with all the roy.g.biv colors. Every detail was planned perfectly! Best birthday party EVER!
Picnik collage
Walking into my surprise roygbiv party at the skate rink!
Picnik collage
I am not one to cry but I lost it when I walked in and saw all my friends and all that they had done for me. (its my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to...)
This was Ella's surprised face pretty much the whole night. She cracked me up! She couldn't figure out what in the world was going on.
Picnik collage
This is what really got me the most because it was so thought out for just me. My dream in life is to have my own candy store. I am going to call it roy.g.biv (thats copyrighted ya'll) and it would be a candy store by colors. So if you dont want to eat around the yellow and greens in a bag of sour patch kids then my store would be the place to come! They made a little mini display of my dream roy.g.biv candy store! They had 7 candy jars filled with candies from each color of the rainbow!
Picnik collage
Time to skate!
Here are all my sneaky friends who made this most AMAZING night ever happen! Thank you all for making me feel so special and making my 28th unforgettable! I love you.


Bobby B. said...

That looks like you all had sooo much fun! What a great group of young women who love eachother enough to do that! Again all you are such a blessing to me by being to watch you in your creativity and love for eachother! Blessings!!! I'm glad you had a great day Allison!

jojo said...

What an incredible night. The creativity and thoughtfulness is over the top. There is nothing greater than good friends and it is so obvious there is so much love between you all. Thank you everyone for making my daughter feel so special.She is such a blessing in all our lives and you all are a blessing in hers. I love you JoJo

Erynn said...

so sweet and fun. you deserve such a party.

The Whitecotton's World said...

I am so happy Allison! I cried 'at' your party too.....this is what GREAT friends do for WONDERFUL people! You DESERVE it!!!!

Shelbi said...

So cute!!! You have such great friends to throw you such a fun party! AND I LOVE your candy store idea! I would like to buy a franchise. :)

Blair Wheeler said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON!! I hope you had a blast at your party. Kristen & friends, FABULOUS idea. I've been hearing the details along the way and couldn't wait to see the end result. I wish I had been in Lubbock to celebrate.

Lifethrualinds said...

So creative and looks so much fun! I am so glad you had a great birthday! Love you Al!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Ok, I am just now seeing this and I am obsessed!! =) Can I please share on P is for Party??! By the way, I just happened to see this post on Style Me Pretty today and I know you will love it!


testing 1 said...

It's always nice to have amazing friends who could hide such a great secret! It looks like tons of fun, and I'm so going to have to bookmark to share with my readers!

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