a little week wrap up

here are a few things that we did this week...
(picture has nothing to do with it, but its kinda funny)

- i tried thai food for the first time and loved it! loved it so much, in fact, that i made brycie try it and then she and al and bob got it for dinner the day jeff and i got it for lunch. ( i am very excitable, esp about food, and always want everyone to like what i like AND eat it right then. luckily allison is usually swayed by whatever i am eating)
- tried a new park. overall a success. still like the original one the best.
- watched project runway to which we are hooked. (i always think i can make what they are making. (but i can't even really sew in a strait line to save my life...someday.)
- al went to abilene and freshman follies (more on that later)
-and she tried sewing for one of the first times! she was hooked from the moment she walked into the abilene hancocks. you'll see her fantastic first piece really soon.
- watched UT beat tech. bummer for the red and black. lubbock was actually a ghost town because EVERYONE (including our very own roommate) went to the game in austin.
-met new friends who came over on fri who have a daughter named avery too! they were soooo fantastic and the averys loved each other. it was so sweet. hope we can see them a lot more.
-went to church at redeemer.
- tried the new "group groove" class at the gym where we did an entire complete choreographed dance to footloose. we were in heaven. and we had just listened to footloose in the car on a random cd! such fate! (that was for you, mom. knew you'd like that)
side note:
-while we were at church, there was a little conversation with the lady at church that went a little something like this:
her-how far apart are your kids?
me- they are twins...oh you mean like minutes? about ten.
her- oh they are twins. really. she is so much bigger than him!

yup. hilarious, but really???
(her head and body are bigger, but, fun fact, she is shorter, lady. you think she is 9 mo bigger?! hilarious.)

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