denim dress and a blue shirt


i made munch a denim dress last night...too big and the sleeves are uneven, but i dont think she minds too much. i lined it in gray jersey so it will last the cold seasons. not the best, but at least its getting better!

it looks like its been sewed together in the center but its really just creased from being folded (surprise, surprise, i did not iron it!! i know, its so shocking coming from me, considering i dont think i have ever ironed...)

this is the only one i got of the back before she jumped right down and would not let me take her pic again...so here is the blurry back of the dress


i made a blue shirt that i first intended to be for ben, but, as you can very much see, it is a tunic. therefore it is now for sassy. so you can just see ben modeling it, but def not wearing it out anywhere. shoulda made it pink....


Anonymous said...

Cute dress! Girls clothes are so much fun! I wish there was more fun clothes to make for boy... Very cute shirt for Ben!

kristen said...

thank you so much beth, but, we can all see, this is def a tunic and very girly. thanks for your constant support and encouragement but this time this shirt is def for sassy. i really dont know how to do button holes yet so i was improvising...anyway, my friend just called me cracking up about my limp wristed son...oh well, better luck next time

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