happy birthday patty!!

today, 25 years ago, the world welcomed the most fun, kind, thoughtful, crazy, baby loving, and loyal person. my middle brother patrick is the light of soooo many people's lives and i am so thankful and privileged to call him my brother. he always brings the fun, wherever he goes and he is all heart! he believes in you no matter what you are doing and backs you 110%. i could not ask for better brothers and i know that God is going to continue to bless him and his sweet wife everyday the way patty blesses everyone he knows. we love you so much patrick!! happy birthday!

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jan said...

Your relationship with your family is such an inspiration! You are all so blessed and set such a good example of what family should be! I can't believe how much Avery looks like you.....I always knew it but you are two peas in a pod!!!!!!! Adorable pics.....again! Love you!!

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