so avery started school today! i was so sad. she cried throughout the morning on and off but when we got there she did great going in. super tough. she knew she had to be tough, though, because her mama used to fall for that crying-and-acting-sad-so-she-gets-so-sad-and-takes-you-right-home thing. she doesn't fall for it anymore. we are all getting tough.
we did have to go try to find the class on the playground when we got there because we were soooo late (nothing new. i prepped her teacher when we met and asked what they were doing at least an hour after school started so we would know where to go.) we thought her class was outside and when we tried to come back in after we found out they were NOT outside, we set off the fire alarm... not so bad on the first day except i def had two non-walking 22 pound babies on each arm throughout the class hunt...
so started out crazy, but turns out she has a friend she loves in her class that sits right beside her. she had a great day.


and so we got to go to the mall and play on the playground with ella and al afterwards and everyone was pretty excited.

aves wanted to hug it out with ella and ella did kinda give her the hand. she maybe wasn't quite as excited school was out.

thursday here we come.

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