matching monday

we tried out a new park and it was super fun! there was some dirt (that my kids loved) and lots of places to crawl around. unfortunately you really have to have go-go gadget arms and legs when you have two kids (that should be walking) crawling up everything and thinking they can slide down by themselves and climb up ladders...it was kind of nuts but everyone loved it. mission accomplished.
and the kids all wore their matching old navy shirts and tights (well, everyone except ben). we LOVE old navy and we were so excited to do our fall shopping there and get lots of matching stuff (i.e. we love matching mondays, or really matching anydays...)

ella knows she should be afraid of being up on a higher plane than usual and should walk cautiously... not sass. she thinks that even with her feet that are way to small for her round body that she can walk wherever with no fear. she is nuts-ola.


Brittany Strebeck said...

heyyyy i know this park! it's so close to our casa. and this is where lindi, amy and i thought it would be fun to ride down the slides in our rollerblades. next time y'all go, let me know and i would looove to meet up with you guys!

jan said...

Looks like a beautiful day, beautiful children and beautiful moms! Does it get any better than that? I don't think so! Blessed blesssed life!

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