Presley Lynn Halbert

Presley Lynn Halbert was born on August 26 and it was the best day ever!
(And, of course we had to have shirts)

She is so beautiful and Michael cried the whole time.

He said that the nurses were just doing their job and that maybe to them it was just another baby, but they didnt know that today was the best day of their lives.

She is truly an angel.

Upon leaving the hospital they noticed that she didnt have the right reaction to the eye exam so they sent her to a specialist pretty quick to get it figured out.

After so many tests, drives to Austin two days in a row, going under going anesthesia, cancer scares, different diagnosises of all types, we found out she has FEVR and is completely blind.

It is so devastating. And so heartbreaking.  And Caroline and Michael are the strongest, most loving and amazing parents.  I truly can not imagine how I would handle it, but I could only wish I would be as strong as they are.  
They are real and sad and go through ups and downs daily, but they continue to seek the Lord and His guidance and strength.
They love her so much and so well and want whatever she will need and have no problem flying across the country, meeting with all types of doctors, moving to a new house or city or where ever she needs to be to make that happen.  It has just been so humbling to watch.
And she is truly just an angel.
Just the most beautiful angel baby girl and I could not be more proud to be her aunt or of her.  She is brave and strong and we all could not love her anymore.

We cant wait for so many more memories with you Presley.  We love you more than we can ever tell you!

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