Barstad Pool Club is OPEN!

SO the pool is done.

We had a few friends come over and experience the inaugural jump in with us and hang out and have pizza and it was so much fun.
And thankfully Vic made us take some pics because they are all I have to document the moment, but there were a few more people there than just us ha!
The pool.
Im not going to word spill every thought I have had because it has been erratic and all over the place, but I will just say that I am thankful for it and am praying it gets used.
I am praying that this pool is used to have people over and to fill with friends and friends-to-be and just be a safe place of fun and relaxing if anyone needs it.
It feels a little extravagant to me and I have had a hard time truly coming to terms with how nice our backyard looks versus how it will make people feel.  I do love it and think that it is absolutely beautiful.  Jeff did an amazing job designing it and I am thankful that he got it going for us.
So, if you're ever in the neighborhood, please come and jump in :)

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