Tie Dying Pillows (again.)

I am not an artist.
I wish I was.
I am creative.  I will give myself that. I like to create things. They do not all turn into things that are worth keeping, but I do like to make them.
I feel like the term "maker" is kind of new, and I like it.  I dont know how long its been around, but I like referring to myself as a maker.
I like to make.
I love to use my hands to create something. I dont know what it is about making something with your hands that is so appealing, but I know that it is more satisfying than I can put into words.
And I need it.
If I dont make something, I get depressed.
Or if I happen to be depressed, it will bring me out of it and fill me with so much joy.
I am so thankful that all of my kids are this same way.  They enjoy creating and they do it all differently.  Sawyer loves having directions and rules and then making it within those parameters.  Ben creates from any random object around him and makes things so beautiful that he puts together.  He can see things that no one else sees.
Avery creates with words and scenes and drama.  She doesn't need tangible things to make- she can make with her mind and her imagination.  And she can also draw and is very good at it.
Shea likes to draw and paint and build.  She creates worlds for her babies and safe places for them.  She loves on them and creates things that happen to them.
Jeff also loves to make and create.  He is very gifted at it.  He can make music and art and draw and build and sew and-all of it.  He has so many skills.  He can make pretty much anything he wants.
All that to say, the other day I saw this tutorial to tie dye pillows and it was so much fun.  Sass helped me and it was just a few steps but it was a blast.  It just took the afternoon and we had these beautiful fun pillows.
Then I did a million dish rags and blankets and now I want to do banners to print on.
I cant stop.  But it is so much fun.

I found the tutorial on A Place of My Taste and she just made everything so easy.
I also googled a million shibori tie dye methods and it was so inspiring to see how artistic everyone is with their tie dye.  The secret it in the prep, I found.  
So theres really nothing to this post except that I think I had forgotten how fun and life bringing it is to make things and I just dont want to forget.


Hilary said...

Cute! Why doesn't Allison post anymore?

Elizabeth said...

Love that! Good work lady!

jojo said...

You just described the life of a true artist. That is what you are and it is so much fun creating!

fromhousetohome said...

It's always so fun to see what your creative spirit will produce! And then I always want to do it too.... But I never do so I will live it out through you!! I do love those pillows!

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