Andddd the rest of our trip with Kai

 She looks scared, but I promise she loved us!

Ben found a snake in the hot tub and it loved him.  She let him hold her and he was in heaven.
 The next day when we found her we actually saw her give birth to two live snakes.  It really was so unbelievable.  He and I were the only ones out there and we were just in awe.  We ran to get everyone else once we realized what all was happening and we could all not get over it!

We went and fed the ducks while Ben fished and Kai loved all the animals!  And Shea was always concerned with how hydrated Kai was.  You can never be too careful in altitude ;) 
 Family walk that was actually super short, but since we are out of shape so bad we ended it with lunch.

Ben caught four fish and jeff cooked them and they ate his fish for dinner.  ("Were having fish tonight!!") They have gotten so good at new recipes and making all kinds of fish that they catch. 
 Then we went to the Bettners and explored their backyard and all of sundance.
Saying it is gorgeous is an understatement. 

Perfect ending to the summer.

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