We went to Hawaii and got our family photos taken and I'm just going to post every single one...

It started with the coolest guy blowing into a conk shell while leading us to our dinner on the beach.

Where we ate some appetizers and took photos on the beach and on the grounds of the resort.

This is where they told us to kiss our spouses and Jeff decided to try and kiss Patrick.   Always good for a laugh that guy...
(And you know I get too embarrassed to kiss on command.  SO really he was just saving me the embarrassment.)

Unlike Kai and Presley who were literal beautiful angels, Shea was not into the whole photo shoot thing.


Best Photo Shoot Ever.
Thank you Shannon for setting that up and for the amazing photographer.
It was just the best time capturing the birthday dinner with the meal and the conk blower and the band and the hula dancer- everything was so perfect.
Can not wait to go back.
(more photos of the trip to come...)

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Britt Fisk said...

These are beautiful! You guys are beautiful! Love that you did this :)

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