Pink Hair!

Late one night over Christmas break I said something to Anna about wanting to do something different with my hair. Ya know, since it's been basically the same since 7th grade. Well except for that one time I chopped it off trying to look like Mandy Moore (will never happen again) and that one time I dyed it Mocha Splash for about 72 hours. 
Anna suggested some fun pink and I jumped on board! It was probably around midnight when we had that convo and I was in her chair at 7:30 the next morning. It is SO fun to have a sister that is a hair stylist! What made it even better is that when I walked in the salon, Anna and I were dressed exactly alike! 
 I love it so much and it is still in today! It was a semi-permeant color so I don't know how long it stays in. I kinda hope forever! I do only wash my hair on Thursdays so I think that is helping it stay longer than normal more clean people.
I had McKenna's Birthday Party that afternoon so I had to go in early. The girls had no idea so it was so funny to surprise them. I woke them up when I got home and Ella noticed immediately. She said, "What? You have pink hair? Do you have pink hair? DAD! Mom has pink hair!!!!" She was so excited about it. McKenna loved it too and they both wished they could have it too. One day girls...


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