Six year old twins

How did that happen?
PicMonkey Collage2
Pretty perfect morning.
We made pancakes and sang happy birthday.  We got to use our table top truths that we just love- more on that later, but they were a hit.
I dont think I could love two people more.  They are so different- like polar opposite- and then they are so much alike in the same breath.  Ben's love for others and desire to make everyone happy is contagious.  He seems to know what people need before they need it and makes it happen. If he got a cookie, he makes sure everyone around him has one too.  And if that means giving up his, he will do it and not bat an eye.  He also can not get enough of "what if" questions.  He probably asks at least 200 a day.  He wonders about things constantly and it is hilarious and exhausting.  He is always always curious and reminds everyone around him to ask questions.
Sawyer is such a kind and gentle person.  She is so sweet and also knows what people need in a different way- she is very quick to be happy with you if you are happy and sad with you if you are sad.  She is very self aware and very sensitive to others.  She also really loves to pick up and clean and take care of others.  And her brain never stops.  She always wants to learn and create.
They are both always up for a good time, and I just love that about them.  They want to be with our friends or on a trip or at the park- all the time.  They love to be outside and with each other.  They truly are the biggest blessing to us and I dont know what I did before them (besides sleep).
And on a side note, Avery set her alarm so she could wake up at 6 and decorate with us before the twins woke up.  Jeff and I actually stayed up late doing it the night before, so when she woke us up, we were so tired we didnt really realize what was going on.  So, she stayed downstairs by herself while jeff and I slept a little longer and made more decorations (like the award on their presents and the balloons with faces on them) all by herself.  And when sass went downstairs I heard the faint sound of "SURPRISE!" when she hid by herself and popped out for sass first, and then again for ben when he got up.
I just cant get over them.
Happiest birthday to my 6 year olds.  I love you more than I can ever say.  To the moon.


Lifethrualinds said...

I am loving every single one of these pics! Love the decorations and I literally teared up about how sweet Avery was to get up early! Oh and those smiles of all those kids cheers-ing and those pancakes look delish. What a perfect birthday morning. I love you so much Ben and sassy!! Happy 6th birthday!

fromhousetohome said...

You are all pure joy..... Simple as that. Happy Birthday sweet Ben and Sassy!

Misty said...

HOW SWEET of Aves!! That just makes me smile so big about her getting up early to celebrate them!!

Happiest Birthday to your sweet twins!

Lindsay Wagner said...

Such a sweet celebration. Can I ask where you found those precious children's coffee cups with their names on them? My girls would love those!!!

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