The day before Shea turned 5 months we gave her some carrots to try.  And she LOVED them.  She ate almost the entire jar, until I stopped her because I didnt know if she was allowed to eat that much. I did zero research on feeding babies and was just winging it.  I opted out of cereal for the texture alone and she didnt seem to mind.  So far, she has loved eating.  She love the little pouches of baby food and can hold them herself for just a second and eat by herself.  She also loves to hold the spoon. I have to have one out for me and then one out to swap out with her when she grabs mine and then drops it to the side like a mic when she is done with it.  Hilarious.  I am so so thankful that she is a good eater.  Avery would keep her mouth open and act like she was gagging so I just quit.  I just gave her breast milk for a year straight and she is still a super picky eater.  Hopefully Sheas love of food now will continue.
Fingers crossed.
We had given her a strawberry on Cinco De Mayo (on a fork, no less.  Parents of the year)
and many carrots and anything she can hold in her hands after that.
She is also a huge fan of pickles and anything salty or juicy.
Thanks to blair for making her dreams come true at jason's deli.  She loves a lunch date with blair. I cant wait until she is picking things up with her hands off of the table and eating them on her own.  I mean, I can, because that is the sign of a grown up and not a baby anymore, but it will be so fun to feed her puffs and yogurt melts.  I cant believe we are already talking about yogurt melts.  I feel like she just got here and now she is so old UGH. Sorry, my brain runs wild with all this growing and still no sleep.
Thanks for being a great eater shea! Heres to hoping it lasts forever.

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