April Catch Up!

My reason for not blogging in over a month is pure laziness. I would start a few posts and then forget to finish them. I love the blog because it helps keep me sane. I love having a place to look back when I can't remember what I did 2 hours ago. I am going to squeeze most of April into one post and then slowly add in some other ones for the big events like Bob and I's TEN year anniversary, family trip to the beach, Ella's first tooth fairy visit! All kinds of fun stuff! 
For now, I'll start with Easter.
We dyed some eggs,
wore the same easter shirts from last year,
gave the same teacher gifts as we did last year,
had egg-cellent lunches,
made easter treats for school parties,
cooked a brisket over night on the green egg for our easter lunch,
got a visit from the easter bunny,
snuggled with our new bunnies,
had an egg hunt in the backyard,
ate candy like it was our job,
put on our Sunday best,
and made it rain confetti. 

You can't celebrate Easter without some bluebonnet pictures.
Sweet sisters. 
We attempted a family pic in the bluebonnets,
also attempted a jumping pic.

We have enjoyed multiple trips to our favorite snow cone stand.

Had some fun (and made a mess) with the easy bake oven. 

And even had a date night! Bob and I rarely do this. I am a huge fan of regular date nights but it is just a crazy time in our life right now. Bob's schedule is all over the place and it gets pricey going out for dinner and then paying a sitter. The medical alliance hosts a Gala each year. It is already paid for so it was a fun night where all we had to pay for was the sitter. It was a fun theme too! Kentucky derby style. They told everyone to wear Kentucky derby hats. After doing some googling I realized that the bigger the better for the hat. I already had this floppy beach hat and I made a paper flower that I just hot glued on it. I was so happy with how it turned out. The paper I used was crepe paper. I had some leftover from a project I did over a year ago with my church. I had ordered it from somewhere but can't remember now. (maybe if I would have blogged the church craft nights, I would have all that info.) The paper has more of a stiffness to it so it held curl and structure better than tissue paper. 
Anyways, getting ready for this event was hilarious. Bob had a bow tie to wear and this was his first time with it. I was attempting to fancy up and wear real eye makeup. Anna had given me all the makeup, brushes and typed out instructions for my 30th birthday. (over 2 years ago) I was trying to figure that out as Bob was watching his 3rd youtube video on how to tie a bow tie. I was cracking up and Bob might have been cussing. haha!
It was a fun night with good friends and the girls had a blast with the sitter. Hopefully more fun date nights to come! 

Another very exciting thing that happened in April is Bob being selected for Chief resident! I am beyond proud! Bob is such an amazing and humble leader and I know God has big things planed for his last year in residency. We drove to Austin the day he found out and celebrated with a bucket of fried chicken from Lucy's Fried Chicken. It is so good! 
Congrats babe! 

My mom came in town one weekend while Bob was working nights and we had so much fun! There was a couple of big events at Ella's school on Thursday and Friday so it worked out so perfect her being there to help me out.
Ella's school does an art auction every year. I have never been to one since this is our first year at the school. Somehow my name was passed around and I was asked to help with the decorations. Another girl Jamie was also asked to help. We both said yes without really even knowing what we were doing. We got to know each other pretty well as we crafted the days away together. We came up with the theme "Lights, Camera, AUCTION" and went with the movie decor. We made the movie sign with three pieces of foam board. We used an x-acto knife to cut out the spiral detail at top and covered it with gold glitter paper. We cut out the wording on my silhouette using vinyl. I made another marquee arrow that was in much better shape than my original one. I used a thicker cardboard for around the border instead of poster board like I did last time. It made it look much more professional.
For the ART marquee, I bought the paper mache letters at JoAnn's and cut the fronts off. I ended up going back and buying another set of the letters so I could hid the cords in the back.
It was a fun event and I loved getting to know so many other moms while prepping for it.

Funny side story from the art auction night. Ella had an art piece selected that won an Excellent ribbon. All the winners had there artwork displayed in one of the hallways. We walked down to see them and about 5 seconds after I told McKenna to not touch any of it, she looks like this.
Took everything in me not to pee my pants! Love this kid.

The next morning was a walk-a-thon at Ella's school. She rocked it. That girl is a runner. She just kept going and going. I was so proud of her.
We ended that weekend with a trip to the deer lease to see Poppa. My girls blended in real well with their heart dresses and bows.
Well, that pretty much sums up most of April that I can remember. I will be back soon with some May posts! 

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Misty said...

I really wish you were my neighbor & could teach me your crafty ways. Vinyl WILL be the death of me. whaaaa! :'(

LOVE Ella's paw shirt!! Perfect for Easter.
Happy Anniversary !!!

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