Five Months

five months
Happy Five months Shea Shea! I can not believe it and I can believe it all at the same time.  Its been forever and a day all in one moment.
I cant imagine our life without you, but I am tired.  We are pretty much at the same exact place we were a month ago, except your long night stretches have stopped.  You only sleep about 5-6 hrs max, and thats not something I can count on.
You are, however, the life of the party. SO so chatty- never a dull moment. If you are having fun or being entertained, you never cry.  Only when I try and pull you from the fun do you cry.  I love that party girl in you and that we can see it already.  I took you to field day at the kids school, and you never once made a peep, you just fell asleep in my arms while I held you.  Which of course you never ever do.  Just when you were having the time of your life with all those big kids playing and finally couldn't keep your eyes open any longer did you let it go.  Ahhh.  Just love that.  Love that party.
You cant roll over.  I think you were supposed to be able to, but lets be honest- getting that head alllll the way around is hard work. We are not pushing that before you are ready.  You could really strain something .  You can sit up on your own for a little smidge of a second and we all clap and get over excited and then you fall. But you do have great back strength :)
You are my best eater yet. It is so much fun to feed you.  We started with carrots, and then apple sauce and some pumpkin mix and then we did the gross mesh thing that you put stuff in and you suck it out.  It is so gross, but you LOVE it.  You love bananas and avocado in there so far.  I think bananas the best.  I said that I wouldn't mess with baby food this time around, but as soon as I saw it I had to buy it.  And then its so stinkin fun feeding you even though its the biggest mess of my life.
You light up our lives Shea bean.  Just the best thing thats happened to us.  I told Sass that I was (of course) her favorite person and she said "no-my favorite person is shea!" which pretty much sums it up over here.

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