Just a few things I have made around the house lately.  Nothing exciting.  
For Easter I made this little banner with this font that I just love.  I added some colored circles to the flower parts to add a little bit of color to it.
And though we all wore clothes on Easter, we didnt take any pictures at all, so this is all I have to remember Shea's first Easter.  #momfail
On my other mantle I got super excited and bought these letters from land of nod to stuff with flowers like this.  But it just did not look that good.  I want to try again, maybe with skinnier letters?  Or just one?  I still love the idea but it was a bust.  So, I just strung them on fishing wire.
Then I made shea a onsie out of the same fabric that I used for her sheets but in the knit.
and she is showing it off with her best rabies face.
I made her a few more dresses out of my spoonflower fabric and it is just so fun.  The knits haven't been that hard and its so forgiving with a baby.  I dont know if I could do kid clothes but I am def going to give it try...soonish.
You are welcome for the awesome quality phone pics.
I also have been taking my designs from my spoon flower fabrics and putting them up at my own page on society6.com,
Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 1.32.55 PM
which is a website for real artists who upload their work and people can buy them in prints or phone cases or pillows or shirts.  I am in NO WAY A REAL ARTIST at all, but I do like being able to make a rainbow and put it on a phone case or baby onsie for shea.  Jeff even got excited, and now everyone can have their very own silent night outdoors phone case.
I ordered a rainbow case and a few pillows too.
I am really not very good at any of this stuff- designing fabrics or phones or sewing or printing or knitting, but I just love doing it.  I guess thats what this is about, this whole blogging thing.  Getting inspired by what other people are doing and trying to make it your own.  Random tangent.  I dont know.  I just know that doing these little crafty things make me so happy- even though I am not an artist or a "creative" or anything like that. Just a mom, standing in front of a computer and editing photos of fake ikea flowers. (ok I am sitting and thats a terrible notting hill reference.  Maybe I should stand at a computer.  That would help with this baby belly I cant lose.  Sorry. I'm clearly too easily distracted these days.)

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BrookeD said...

I LOVE the Notting Hill reference!! haha!!
And you are so creative and amazing!! You make amazing things and you have the BEST ideas!!
Love it all and LOVE you!!!

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