Bob's Year of 37 May Envelope

The May envelope was fun because he opened it on our actual 10 year anniversary and just a few days before we left for the beach trip with his family.
He had also just found out that he would be chief resident. Bob loves to always be learning more and reading books just because he loves it.  It sounds crazy to me but it's one of the many things I love that about him so much. I knew that he would want to have some books on leadership as he approaches his chief year. I am not a book reader though so I was clueless in the book store. I stood there and just searched for books with the word leader in the title and then would look those books up on amazon to see the ratings. I grabbed a couple that had the most stars and hoped for the best. Bob did end up taking the two back I got him and getting some other ones. Leaders Eat Last and David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. 
The note this month was from Andy. It was so cool that his note was in the month of May because that is when he moved down the street from us!
This picture deserves a close up. I will never forget that time at Ben and Sassy's bday party when Jeff and Patrick poured gasoline on the street and then Bob rode Avery's razor through it to make sparks turn into fire. Love my daredevil!

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