turkey shirts

I love that the turkey shirts have become a yearly tradition for us. It all started 3 years ago when Kristen made her super cute fabric turkey shirts. From there we have done hand-printed turkeys, more fabric ones, and then screen printed turkeys.
I used the same turkey as last year but changed up the wording a bit. The girls loved the glittery heart.
Last year, McKenna was very thankful for 3am. I am SO thankful she is over that this year.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break!


The Payne's said...

I love these!!! You should totally sell these! I would buy them every year!

ms.composure said...

those shirts are SO SO SO SO darn cute!!! such a great idea!!


Misty said...

love these! we made the handprint shirt last year that I saw on your blog :) this year we made appliqued turkey shirts, but masyn said the turkey looks like a fox(???) and is scared of it... i just don't know about that... anyway, I LOVE how the glittery heart matches their red shoes! couldn't be cuter!

shae said...

Those are beyond amazing Allison---I need a tutorial on this!! (not that smith and bode need glittery shirts.....but I do)

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