Cousin Camp

This last week was ridiculous. 
My in laws and their best friends put on a camp for all of their grandkids.
10 kids.
And it was in colorado and my in laws drove my kids the entire way up there for it. 
Thats 16 hours in the car before they even started cousin camp.
They are really just amazing.
Ridiculously amazing.  It just blows me away thinking about it now.
They had so many activities that they did every day- Pirate day, costume parades, trips to the zoo and museum and swimming everyday.  They all had matching shirts and started every day with the pledge and a prayer.
I don't think there is anything that they cant do.
They just had the time of their lives. They all stayed in one house together and got to have like five sleep overs. They rented a bus and called it Gus the Bus.
Avery has referred to Gus a lot since we have been home.  I think even getting to ride together was a thrill.
They just went above and beyond.
We stayed at home and had a fantastic week.
We had planned on going to a house that my entire extended family shares, but realized on our way to the airport that the tickets that we thought were so magically cheap, were actually in august.  So, we had to do some rearranging of plans, and ended up staying home and in dallas for the rest of the time until we flew to denver to pick up the kids and drive us all home.
We woke up without an alarm of kids running in at the crack of dawn, stayed up late watching movies and How I met your Mother, Julie, Katelyn and Lily came to stay with us, I brought back cargo pants, we went to the rangers game, we followed my brother around while he looked at houses, and we did a little mall walking.  It really ended up being fantastic.
Thank you guys so so much Jan and Bob for doing all of it.  It was just beyond my imagination and I know the kids cant even believe it happened to them either!


Camila said...

You have amazing in-laws!! How fun for the kids (and you!!)

Kaela said...

Awesome!!!! Did you make those four quilts in the last picture? A tutorial?

fromhousetohome said...

It was the most amazing week of our lives too!!! We miss them!!! You should be so proud of them! We are! They were amazing ALL week long . What a blessing!

Misty said...

thats just pretty much amazing! my fave pic is sassy asleep with her face paint! presh!

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