30 going on 13

This last weekend we flew to lubbock to surprise celeste for her 30th.
And we came bearing the most cheesy, dorky gifts probably in our history of gift giving.
We really know how to cheese up whatever we are doing.
Cel's sisters called us and told us when the party was and that it was going to be 80's and at a roller skating rink and we were beside ourselves.  We love a party at the roller rink.  Esp 80's.
The weeks leading up we shopped around for various outfits with neon, 80s bands, hyper color and splatter paint.  We also could barely speak to celeste, bc who knew that we could hold in a surprise like this!? 
We flew in on friday and the amazing brittany picked us up (and had fiesta dip at her house when we got there!!!!! She is the most thoughtful person ever. I pretty much ate it all single handedly) and let us hang at her house, crimp our hair and put on tons of purple eye shadow.
Thank you so much brittany for taking us everywhere, feeding us, and hanging out with us!
So, celeste loves merit badges.
Like troop beverly hills style.
She has wanted us to make patches for each other for everything for years.
For my birthday this year she made me a 10+ patch for being friends with her for more than 10 years.
For celeste's birthday we took that idea and, in true us fashion, ran with it.
We each made patches for her at our houses of things that she had done in the past, that she was good at, or that she loved.
Then, we met and put them all together (on a denim vest, no less).
Isn't that what everyone wants for their 30th bday??
Cel's family had told celeste that she was making a family music video 80's style to get her into 80s attire (which they had just done last week to "call me maybe". love the turners so much). She was sending us texts while we were on the way to her own party of what she was wearing and didn't know it!!
Her sisters had the most amazing decor with actual stuff from the 80s that they still had around the attic. Kathy Halbert would have been so proud.
They decorated the most amazing skating rink I have ever been to.  It was full of scooters, kids toys, and a lady with longer hair than I've ever seen on a senior citizen.
Cel's own locker full of 80s gear.
We hid behind those lockers and jumped out after she had seen everyone else, as kind of a final surprise. I think she was pretty shocked.
and maybe cried a little when we whipped out the vest and the card to explain all the patches.
Her sister carly said, "thats what you always wanted!"
I don't think we could have been more excited.
I mean, thats one good looking patch covered denim vest if Ive ever seen one.
(ok. I haven't.)
Then we skated and partied the night away.
Don't her sisters look amazing???
Coach travis.
Even her grandmother went 80's.
The night may have ended with some glamour shots,
and a few kojie pop throughs.
Afterward, we ate our weight in rosas salsa and went back to celestes and slumber partied the night away.
Best birthday ever celeste!! Welcome to the 30's club!! 


Camila said...

You guys are so fun! I love a good 80s party and am so impressed with your outfits and hair!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Love the outfits, love the hair, love the vest! Happy birthday Celeste! Looks like a blast!

Micki said...

Love all of this...smiled the whole way through and may have teared up at how excited she got about her vest and I don't even know her haha! Y'all are too sweet!

jennifer said...

ok, that pic of celeste in the vest with that huge smile is the BEST!!! even made me a little teary eyed! happy bday celeste! and the glamour shots are amazing :)

Celeste said...

I like that you just put out there the fact that I love merit badges. It does make me seem (a tiny bit) like I live in my parents basement and only have friends on the internet. I'd say I like less Girl Scouts and more Troop Beverly Hills. That being said, I couldn't love my vest more. I bust pictures out in public when people ask me about my birthday. I even wear it out. Not to places where I have to go inside but for sure Taco Villa and the gas station! It was something that I have always wanted and means so much to me! Thank you for coming to surprise me and making my 30th birthday my best birthday yet! I love y'all!

Misty said...

what sweet friendship!! I LOVE IT! & an 80's themed party?! nothing better!!

Darci White said...

SO FUN!!! Y'all are awesome to have flown to LBK to surprise her! And speaking of Lubbock.... I miss it and truly never thought I'd say those words! Ha!

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