Valentines Potluck

For Valentines day we figured it would be fun to have all of our neighbors over and have a potluck instead of the usual she and him.  We are kind of low key over here on Valentines and I just figured this would be a fun way to all hang out together.  My neighbor Clay is an amazing cook and Mazzy's parents are also.  So, that was pretty much why I invited them.  Kidding! (but maybe Im not...)
And I didn't take any pictures of anything because I am so lame and I am so sad, but maybe your mouth will water in an incredible fashion when you hear what we had and your heart will soar when you hear that we all cooked together in my kitchen.  so. much. fun.  (almost as good as pictures.)
Clay made homemade wonton chips and then seared tuna that he got fresh from hawaii at a food show and then he made a sauce from all sorts of amazing things to put on it.  It was incredible!! ahhh! Mary and Ryan brought this incredible salad and made this cool drink with mint and vodka and crazy stuff.  Also incredible. Brooke and Will brought chocolate covered strawberries and stuffed jalapeños that jeff actually turned into ashes when he left them on the smoker a little too long :( We had some more guests that were amazing and fun and brought babies.  So between multiple babies and amazing food, the night was pretty much perfect.
I wanted to make kabobs (like cupids arrows), we smoked ribs (that protect the heart),
made heart cookies and some love potion number 9 (trash can punch that is pink...amazing).
and passion punch (without the punch) for the kids.
 I made some labels and bunting
and set a table up, basically just to show off all the amazing food.
The bunting was just hearts that I punched and sewed together.  So super easy.
I just have to say that the Lord truly truly blessed us on this street.  Our friends are incredible and creative and inspiring. They all run marathons and triathlons and cook and sing and sew and paint.  I am just hoping some of their creativity and drive will rub off on me.
Weren't allison's boxes incredible??? she is so kind and thoughtful.  I just loved them!
Hope you guys had a great valentines day and felt all the love.


Alexis said...

What a fun Valentine's! We are about to move into our house and I can only pray that I can make some friendships like you have.

Love the trash can punch idea! Oh and avery's 6th birthday was the best. The bags were adorable!

jennifer said...

what a fun party! sooooo wishing we were neighbors!

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