pink eye & a cool trick

Both my girls have had pink eye this week so we haven't really left the house much. We spent a lot of time in the backyard. Some days bundled up in hats and others in flip flops. Gotta love (or hate) this crazy Texas weather.
We spiced up our lounging around by getting out the beach chair. Under my umbrella, ella ella, ay ay ay. (had to)
Thanks to pinterest I discovered a very cool craft
You color on sand paper with crayons,
place the sandpaper face down on t-shirt with parchment paper over it. Iron the paper for about 30 seconds,
and wa-la! 
It's like personalized screen printing in seconds! I just love it! 
Ella had fun designing her own shirt.
I haven't washed it yet so I'm not too sure on what that will do to it, I will let y'all know. (it could be a while though, laundry is not my forte)


Christa said...

What a great and easy craft! Thanks for sharing. : P

Misty said...

We made those for halloween :) Masyn kept saying, "this paper is so scratchy." ha!

Carrie said...

whaaaaaat??!! who the heck discovered this? i am going to buy sandpaper right now.

the tichenor family said...

you are the most fun mom on the planet. i am throwing in the towel. two girlies with pink eye and you're still pumping out some fun and fabulous craftiness.

hope your sweet ones are feeling better!!

Josh, Erica, Garrett, and Haylee said...

Did Ella draw the cake and ice cream?? That's AWESOME for a 4 year old!!! Super cute craft!! I am going to try that!!!

Allison said...

haha! Oh no, she did not draw the cake and ice cream. She told me what to draw and then she colored everything in:)

Camila said...

This might be the only way I can ever successfully screen print! HA! Also, the owl hat on Kenna. Must have. Please tell me where you got it (and I'm crossing my fingers you did not make it!!)

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