love languages

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! 
The weather was beautiful here today, the girls loved playing outside all afternoon. They had fun "planting flowers."
Did you guys ever read that purple book about The 5 Love Languages? I definitely didn't but I'm pretty sure I own it. I think my mom got it for me when everyone was reading it. Anyways, Bob's love language is hands down Words of Affirmation. This is not mine at all. When we were dating Bob would always ask me "what are you thinking?" I hated it! I knew it was always coming and it made me so nervous and uncomfortable. I would always respond with "nothing." He would then dig deeper, "really, you are thinking about absolutely nothing?" Yep. I was so shy and immature! I would even make Kristen call me while I was on a date with Bob just in case I was in an awkward moment and needed a get away. I was crazy. Lucky for me, he stuck with me and slowly but surely I began to open up:) 
Valentine's Day seems to be the perfect time for some good ole words of affirmation. I printed off three different saying that I glued to note cards.  I love you because… You make me laugh when… and One of my favorite things about you is…
Everyone filled out three cards for each other.
Ella and I decorated a shoe box to hold all of the love mail.
We read all of the love letters during dinner and it was so sweet to hear them all. Bob especially loved it.
Now lets move on to one of my love languages. Food! 
I made burgers and sweet potato fries for our Valentines dinner and it was SO good! It really was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. The recipe is from my favorite girls at Our Best Bites. Click here for the burger recipe and here for fries recipe.
For dessert I made Bob's favorite. Creme Brulee. I got the recipe here. 
I made Whoopie Pies for Ella and McKenna. I used a box mix for these. The chocolate golf balls are super random but I found them in the dollar aisle at target and thought why not?
McKenna had fun sampling a little bit of everything.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Lifethrualinds said...

Are you kidding!? I love the love notes! Ha! That is do sweet. I so want to know what you all said. And I am going to try those burgers and fries. That last pic of McKenna is to die for. All you girls are beautiful!!

jojo said...

Oh my goodness that brought a tear to my eye!! One of your love languages is doing for others!! You always make everyone feel so special and loved! What a sweet Valentine for your family!

Brittany Strebeck said...

oh allison. you have such a sweet, sweet heart. and your girls are stinkin' adorable. and your food looks amazing and i wish i could eat it all right now. way to be good at life, my friend :)

Alexis said...

LOVE the card idea! I think we will be doing that next year and the food looks delicious!

Oh and I have been meaning to tell you that you look great without make-up and it makes me a little jealous that I cannnot wake up and look like that! :)

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