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So, my birthday was so outta control I cant even really write about it until I have more time to sit down.  I have most of a post written out but its just so much amazingness and love that I kind of can't even comprehend it right now.  I am still reeling.
So, I have a  few favorite knits right now that would be fun to make for your favorite loved ones for christmas (or buy for them), and I thought I would pass those along.  
Also, a few of you guys have emailed about making knitting and crochet videos and we are throwing that idea around...
Back to knits.  How fun are these???
Gorgeous rainbow blanket.  Garter stitch. Def a can do.
I love this hat and tried to google this bow stitch but I couldn't find it.  Just love it.  And all of her stuff.
Like this bow hat, too.
She is so cute and talented.
So, the closest thing I could find to the bow hat was this pattern so I made this and I love it.  It was really fast and the pattern was really easy to understand.
Her whole site is pretty amazing.  She makes so much stuff! Its incredible.
Like this heart hat.
I love this kids jcrew stocking so much.
and these socks.
and this knit on knit.  love it.
Ok guys, back with birthday stuff in a jif.

1 comment:

Karla said...

J'adore the designs!!! Specially the lavender hat :)

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