last day of summer school

Ella has been doing a summer school for the last month and today is her last day. It has been a nice activity for her to do a couple days a week and her teachers are so sweet. I'm obviously on a mason jar kick lately so I filled two jars full of candy for her to give her teachers today.
I printed off labels for the top of the mason jars that said "thanks for being so sweet." I then self laminated them with packing tape and hot glued them to the lid.
And for Ella's last day of summer school lunch she requested pizza balls. Recipe here.
Hope Ella is having a great last day and I really hope her teachers like candy! 


Caitlin said...

Those jars are a great idea! I really want some candy after seeing them!

Yum I'm going to have to try that recipe some time!

Hope Ella is having a great last day!

Leslie said...

So cute Allison!! You continue to amaze me. I need a good wedding gift for my niece. Something off her registry and something personalized. Any ideas come to mind? Hope all is well!!!!

Charles Ojeda said...

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