Is it really Friday?

This week went so fast for me, whew.  I cant believe its already Friday.  Wasn't Jennifer's Summer Essentials so great?? She is so cute.  And that Isla is such a killer.  Love that girl. 
 I am super excited about it being Friday, don't get me wrong.  And Jeff worked 30 hrs last night and I stayed up and watched (500) Days of Summer.  I so love that movie.  I almost watched Away We Go again, but I fell into a drug induced sleep too fast.  I also really debated on Pride and Prejudice and The Duchess and Shakespeare in Love.  I haven't seen any of those and I was kind of in the mood for a period piece.  Maybe next time.
Jeff and I are watching Damages, thanks to my parents, and we are loving it.  It is not really what I thought and I just love Rose Byrn, so thats fun.
Sorry, I am rambling...Here are some of my favorite Internet sightings this week..

I cant wait to see this movie.

Lindsey's home!! YEA!!!

I think she is so cute and I loved her list about things she learned in her 20's.
And here she is over here talking about the fantastic Peggy Bundy.

While we are talking about that, I am LOVING Hello Giggles. Are yall???
(And since I just watched (500) Days of Summer, I feel like Zo and I are BFFS.  When I just saw her latest article on BFFs I just knew it was going to be me and her.  We dont have a lot of pics together, so that must have been the problem)

I like pink pants and I can not lie...

Super cute dresses.

Have a great weekend guys!! 


Camila said...

OMG Stop(collaborate and listen). Never seen Pride & Prejudice?!?! Watch it IMMEDIATELY. I mean maybe I love it b/c I wish I was Kiera Knightley or maybe it is b/c Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite book. But it is SO GOOD. You will not be disappointed.

Hayley and Aaron said...

First of all, you should definitely check out Pride and Prejudice, it's one of those movies you go back to and watch again and again. I won't tell you how many times I've seen it because it's embarrassing. Shakespeare in Love is also amazing. The Duchess is skippable!! The Young Victoria is also a good period piece. Damages is addicting...watched one episode and then got nothing done for a week watching the first two seasons. Love Rose Bryne!! And since we are on TV talk...Zooey Deschanel has a new show premiering on FOX in the fall called "the new girl" you tube the promos, looks super funny!! Hope ya'll have a great weekend, and get to spend some time with Jeff!! You are such an amazing mom and blogger thanks for sharing your life on here with us:)

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