HP 7.2 shirts

Our friend Jordan over at kojodesigns created some Harry Potter shirt designs. She did this post asking their readers to vote on their favorite. Design #2 was the winner and I got to help make the shirts. I loved getting to help cause it made me feel like I am not completely out of the loop when it comes to Harry Potter. 
I printed her design on a transparency and then burned it on a screen. 
 I did 20 shirts so I had them spread out all over my house. If there had been anybody in the house with me while I was screen printing these they probably would have gotten a good laugh. Once you put the paint on the screen it dries fast so I had to move quick to do 20 shirts. I was all over the place! I went ahead and washed my screen after 10 shirts and then did that last 10 just to make sure each shirt got a solid print.
The front of the shirts had HP 7.2 on the left side.
I always use my hand as a guide for where the design should go. For a design on the front pocket area I put it a hand width from the bottom of the collar seam and from the seam on the sleeve.
Picnik collage
For the back I do a hands width from the bottom of the collar seam. 
Even though Harry's to do list is WAY over my head I think Jordan's design is great!
Picnik collage
Hope all you HP fans are having fun at the midnight showing!


Mandie W said...

I am completely disconnected to the HP world. I have seen this everywhere today and didn't even know what HP 7.2 was until I read your post. It's not that I'm getting old because I know people older than me going to the showing. :) I slid under the limbo stick on that one!!!

Bender said...

Seeing the final installment in just a few hours! I wish I had this shirt to wear! I pretty much think the only way to heal from it being over is to read the books again and by then it'll all be on DVD and I can have a HP-thon, and then I might have to order a shirt. Ali read them!!!!!

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