girl's rooms

I finally got the prints I ordered from Keep Calm Gallery framed and hung up in the girl's rooms. I was going to put both in Mckenna's but ended up hanging one in Ella's room too.
Here is McKenna's room. Her room is a cozy little room where not a lot of sleeping goes on:) Ella loves going in McKenna's room when she wakes up and making her laugh. She spins round and round and Kenna loves it. 
The Rise and Shine print is absolutely perfect for this sweet child of mine. Rising just might be one of her favorite things to do (at all hours of the night) but boy does she Shine when she does it. Even when she is ready to rise and shine at 1am and then again at 5am she is full of joy and all smiles. How can I let a sweet face like that cry it out?! Maybe one day.

Now Ella's room.
Lots of sleep goes on in Ella's room, along with lots and lots of play.
Her room just makes me happy and the O Happy Day print is perfect for her.
You know how much I love an IKEA shelf.
and I was excited to have a place to put the fabric flowers. They were one of my very first sewing projects and Ella has always loved them.
And how cute is this dress up chest that my mom hand painted!
She even lined the inside with fabric!
Some of you have asked where Ella's tee pee came from and it as well was hand painted by my amazing mom. She ordered it from Back to Basics and then painted the polka dots and Ella on it. I love it!


jojo said...

The girls rooms turned out great!! Good job!

Misty said...

I think I have the same knobs on AK's dresser...... I got the 1/2 off @ Hobby Lobby :) I was so excited! Your girls' rooms are darling & I see where you get your creativity! Your mom did an awesome job painting the chest & tent. Ella has such a fun room- love it

Anna said...

I don't know how I didn't see this but I love it! their rooms are so cute! I need to come down for a day and visit!!

Camila said...

Love love love McKenna's crib!! Both rooms are adorable!

kristen said...

Everything about both rooms is amazing and perfect for those perfect girls!! I love the prints and the shelves! Love it all!! And way to go JoJo!!! Fantastic chest!! And annas package is perfect and very "cool" for an even cooler hairdresser to be!!

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