Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to my favorite dads!
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My dad has always been the dad who, right when he walked in the door from a 12 hour (or more) workday and ran to see us, wrapped his arms around us, and let us hang on his leg until we went to bed. He is the dad that has coached every sport we have ever played and never missed a game, even if it meant rearranging business trips. He is always on our side; thinks we can do anything we set our mind to, and is definitely the most successful man, at home and in everything he sets his mind to, that i know. i know that i would not know the Lord and His love for me without the unconditional love of my dad. and now he is the same way with my kids-no kid is cuter, more talented or has more potential than my kids according to him (even though, we, as their parents, may know that they do have maybe a huge head, receding hair line at age 2 and often throw their bodies on the ground and pitch huge fits in the middle of grocery stores). its been the biggest blessing seeing my kids eyes light up knowing we are going to jake and minnie's!
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i know that jeff feels the same way about his dad. bob has always been behind jeff, no matter what he was doing, and now he is the same way with my kids. he is one of the hardest working, most unselfish people that i have ever met. he is always putting other people's needs before his and showing his family what it means to love his wife, his kids and the Lord. I could not ask for better in laws and better grandparents for my kids. they are always ecstatic to go to nana and papa's and there is always a new project, craft and fun activity for them to do.
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and, having learned from the best, jeff is a sensitive, kind, encouraging and loving dad, just like his. he is always thinking of our kids and wanting the to have the best possible situation, experience and life that they can. thank you jeff, for always being the dad that lays in bed and thinks about the temperature in their room and if they are too hot or too cold; wonders how their day was at school and plays with them the minute you get home. i know that you are shaping who they are by showing them the love you do.
love you all and hope everyone has a great fathers day!


jan said...

Kleenex..kleenex...where are the kleenex? What a tribute to all of those men! We love you!!

Leslie said...

so sweet!! ok and brian seriously asks me 5 times every night about the temp in boys room. that is so funny!! hope we can catch up this week. our talk was too short!! happy father's day jeff and bob!

Lifethrualinds said...

Such a sweet Father's Day post! We miss yall and hope you had a great fathers day! It was so fun to hear yall over the fence playing and splashing in the pool playing water baseball....like Father's day from many years ago! Happy Father's day to all you dads!

Morgan Bender said...

um. I cant get over how much Ben looks like Michael when he was younger. crazzy

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