The first thing I ever sewed was from the book One-Yard Wonders. I was flipping through the book the other night and decided to make one of the totes. I made the grocery store tote first.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I was very happy with how the tote turned out. Ella seemed to like it too. She immediately filled it with toys and carried it all around the house.
Picnik collage
I was of course on a tote kick now and couldn't just make one. (you know what happens when we get on kicks...) I had some oil clothe so I made a pool bag for the summer time. I used the same pattern for the grocery tote, I just didn't sew the folds on the sides. Maybe the next tote can have a zipper...


jan said...

You and Kristen need to sell on Etsy! Those are adorable!!! Sometimes I wonder how many times I have used "adorable" with y'all! Love them Allison!

Leslie said...

my goal is to learn to make the grocery tote's on MADE's site. your totes are awesome. so impressed as always allison!!

Blair Wheeler said...

Perfect bag for summer! I love it, Al!

Madison said...

Omg, Allison These Are So Pretty!
I Want One For Summer, Definetly.
Well Hope To See You Soon.

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