happy bday jeff!


happy birthday jeff!! the big 2-9!! he is so almost 30. wow. it feels like just yesterday it was basically love at first sight when i saw him across the room at youth impact, in college station. i was working with middle school kids and he was working with high school kids. he was wearing a fleece that we still have and, i actually wore this morning to take aves to school.
i pretty much knew i wanted to marry him that day and didnt even know his last name. my mom even got on board when i told her i was gonna marry "this jeff guy". then he saw me working out in a gray shirt (bad idea), covered in sweat, and talked to me and linds (and even liked me when i was, did i mention, in a full sweat, in a gray shirt, next to linds, who is obviously so gorgeous and i was so gross...i knew he was the one). since then he is constantly showing me how kind, generous and loving he is everyday.
when we found out we were pregnant with aves, it was a huge surprise (and total accident). he was soooo excited and positive (while i cried and was pretty sad. dont worry, i got over it the moment they said "its a girl!" and showed me her gorgeous face, and i have been over the moon for her ever since). and he was even more wonderful when the dr asked us "how many babies did you order" when we went in for our first sonogram for our second pregnancy. talk about the shock of a lifetime! we were in the middle of med school and i thought it was only one baby... i def cried for about 5 mo after that one (and throughout the whole dr appt). but not him. he was NEVER upset about it and always so excited.
he is so patient with all of us; so good at helping me make friends and not be shy, so at peace and confident in the skin God gave him, and never wishes for anything he doesnt have (unless of course it deals with hunting equipment or technology, but that is a diff story all together). he never complains about anything. he always looks for the best, is pretty content wherever he is and he is the most wonderful man i know. he is our rock and we would be lost without him. i feel so blessed that everyday i never doubt that he loves the Lord, me and the kids with all his heart and will always love us. everyday that makes me love him more. thank you, jeff, for being you. i love you so much. happy birthday.

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Blair Wheeler said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!!! What beautiful words Kristen wrote about you.... I am tearing up over here at what a precious couple you are and how much I love yall and your kiddos. I hope you enjoy the big 2-9 and all the blessings this year brings.

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